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Video Tutorials


Installation, Plugin Access, PhysX Plugin




Objects Tab

Dynamic / Impact Objects

Dynamic Objects properties

Static & Kinematic Objects

Sleeping Objects

Physics Tab

Physical Options

Simulation Properties

Demolition Properties

Fragmentation Tab

Fragmentation Options

ProBoolean types

Voronoi types

Other types

Cluster properties

Draw Fragment Mode

Fragmentation by Shapes

Advanced Fragmentation Options

Layers Tab

Interactive Layer Manager





RayFire Asperity modifier

RayFire Fragmenter modifier

RayFire Cracks modifier

RayFire Trace object

RayFire Cache object

RayFire Voxels modifier

RayFire Cluster modifier

Custom Properties rollout

RF_Bomb helper

RF_PhysX helper




Underground Drilling

Breaking Wooden Wall by Car

Animated Time Scale | Playback Speed

How to create Trace Map

Using RayFire Fragmenter modifier with Max Script

Smashing geometry + Particle Flow Debris support

Columns Demolition + Particle Flow Debris support