Fragmentation Tab

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ProBoolean framentation types

ProBoolean fragmentation types uses ProBoolean or ProCutter engine for fragmentation.

All ProBoolean fragmentation types share the same properties.

Uniform: All fragments will have pretty the same size.

Irregular: Some fragments will be big, some small.

Impact Point: Fragment object with more tiny fragments to Impact point in case You use Interactive Demolition, otherwise it will use center of object as Impact point.

Mouse Cursor: Fragment objects relative to mouse cursor position. RayFire will fragment objects only near mouse cursor, if You will move cursor far from fragments RayFire will use Uniform fragmentation type.

Pivot Point: Fragment objects relative to objects pivot point.

Continuous: Fragment objects at one pass. Try not to use iterations more then 25. Each next iteration will take more and more time.



Fragmentation properties

Iterations: Defines how many times object will be cut. Second Spinner will add variation.

Chaos: Defines random angle range for cutter object.

Detailization: Defines fragments surface detailing.

Noise strength: Defines fragments noise strength.