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Demolition properties

In this rollout you can define properties for Glue and Interactive Demolition features.

Interactive Demolition options

Interactive Demolition works only in Bake Animation mode. Pay attention that before start Interactive demolition simulation, RayFire copies all simulated objects, hides original objects, and creates simulation with copies.

Important to know that Interactive Demolition works in conjunction with objects material, which means that it takes into account material density and solidity before decide whether object should be demolished or not. For instance if You will collide Concrete with Glass , RayFire will demolish Glass but Concrete will not be demolished. Also You should know that it is not possible to demolish objects with metal material.

Demolish geometry: Activates Interactive demolition for geometry objects.

Material solidity: Global multiplier for material solidity. For instance, if You want to collide concrete with glass and break them both then You should decrease global Material Solidity.

Depth level: Defines how many times each object might be fragmented. 1 means that original object will be fragmented one time and not more. 2 means that original object will be fragmented and EACH created fragment might be fragmented again and so on.

Depth ration: Defines how much fragmentation iteration will use fragments on next depth level from it's parent. For instance, if you demolished object with Fragmentation iteration 100, with Depth Ratio 0.4 each fragment will be demolished with Fragmentation Iteration 40.

Time Delay: Defines amount of "safe" frames for newly created fragment. For instance, you set Depth Level to 2, your object was just demolished and new fragments collide with each other strong enough to be demolished further, If you want to preserve your fragments for some time from instant redemolishing increase Time Delay property. In this case fragments will have some time to simulate away from each other and will be available for redemolition a bit later.

Probability: Defines percentage of fragments available for demolition. Sometimes you need to lower Solidity level to get desired effect, but because of that RayFire demolish almost all fragments at their first collision. Setting Probability to 50% will save 50% of your fragments from demolition even with lowest solidity property.

Minimum size limit: Object will not be demolished if distance between it's farthest corners of bounding box is less then Minimum size value.

Demolish by bomb: It is possible to demolish objects and groups using RF_Bomb or Pbomb. In this case RayFire will fragment objects taking into account explosion strength, and then explode them. Spinner value works as multiplier for explosion strength. Increase it if you already set up reasonable strength for Bomb but it is not enough to demolish objects. This feature is Off of values is 0.

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Glue options

Glue Demolished objects: Glue together fragments of just demolished objects.

Glue Demolished by Rebars: Glue together fragments of just demolished objects but only intersected with Rebars (shapes) defined in Helpers list.

Glue Objects in groups: Glue together objects in groups.

Glue radius: Even though a bunch of fragments in one group, RayFire will glue them together only of they bounding boxes intersect with each other, if they do not intersect, you can increase their size using this property.

Strength: Defines glue strength. Less strength - easier to break glued objects. To make glue unbreakable set this value to 100.