Slice modifier

Table of Contents


Slice Modes

Split : Cut geometry accordingly to the slice plane and split to two separate elements.

Refine : Simply cut geometry.

Remove Top / Bottom : Split geometry and delete Top or Bottom half.

Remove Both : Remove both Top and Bottom. Useful when used with Cap Holes checkbox ON. In this case modifer keeps capped surface.


Interactive : Interactively updates slicing while dragging spinners and transforming the slice plane.

Cap Holes : When On, generates new faces by filling the slice border.

Weld Collinear : When On, collinear edges along the slice borders are collapsed.

Assign Normals : When On, vertex normals are created along the slice borders to maintain smoothing.

Selected Elements only : Only selected elements are sliced.


Gap : Gap between opposite sides when Split mode is active.

Num Slices : Number of slice operations to perform.

Offset : Offest between each successive slice.

Distance : Total distance between the first and the last slice.

Both Directions : Offset along both sides of the slice plane.


Mapping / Gizmo

Width / Length : Defines the Slicing plane size.

U / V Tile : Defines the mapping tiling.

Material ID : Material ID for capping faces.

Fit : Reset the gizmo to fit the object.

Center : Move the gizmo to the center of the object.

View Allign : Align the gizmo to the active view.

Acquire : Acquire the gizmo from another scene object with Slice modifier.




Video tutorial