Objects Tab

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Static & Kinematic Objects

In this rollout you can define Static and Kinematic objects and physical properties for them.

RayExplosion Reactor

Static: Unyielding objects which can be used as deflectors. They do not move during simulation. They can be used as ground or strong walls. Static object sare only trpe of objects which PhysX can simulate using Original geometry, so you can use noisy concave surface as is, the only requirement is that object should not be animated, otherwise PhysX will treat is as Kinematic.

Kinematic: Animated objects which can't be dynamically affected during simulation. This kind of objects are useful if you already have animation for some object and you just need this object to push and demolish other Dynamic and Sleeping objects on it's way, but not be affected by them.

Both kind of such objects should be added in this list. RayFire will set appropriate type automatically.