Fragmentation Tab

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Fragmentation Options

In this rollout you can choose fragmentation type, define fragmentation properties and fragment Dynamic / Impact Objects.

Fragmentation will not work properly if your mesh has open edges. Close all open edges before using fragmentation. RayFire will weld vertices and cap open edges automatically, but this is better done by yourself. Also it is recommended to Reset XForm via Utility panel for fragmented objects to make fragmentation more stable.

After the fragmentation process you can select new fragments or delete them via Interactive Layer Manger.

In case the Impact object has more then 50000 triangles a Yes/No/Cancel window will appear. It will inform you about Impact objects which have more then 50000 triangles and ask you "Do you want to optimize these objects automatically before fragment?". Choose Yes to optimize mesh, but pay attention that in this case UVW map will get out of order. Choose No to continue without optimizing, ProBoolean may fail during fragmentation process. Choose Cancel to cancel fragmentation process. Keep this in mind and try to fragment object no more than 10000 polygons.



Fragmentation type: Allows you to choose in which way to fragment object.

Fragmentation properties: Define properties for chosen fragmentation type.

Fragment material: Define material for inner fragmentation surface. Clicking on long button will open Material Editor to pick material you need. Using Pick button you pick material from any geometry in scene.

Fragment Impact Objects: Execute fragmentation process.