Custom Properties rollout

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In this rollout you can define custom Physical, Demolition and Fragmentation properties and add RayFire Fragmenter with specified fragmentation properties.

For all objects in Dynamic list RayFire applies properties from Dynamic objects properties rollout, for all Sleeping objects it applies properties from Sleeping objects properties and for all fragmentation RayFire uses properties from Fragmentation properties rollout.

This might work for simple simulations, but sometimes you need to simulate objects with different material, friction and fragmentation properties even though they are in the same list. This is when you have to use Custom Properties Rollout window. It allows to assign custom properties for each object separately.

Use Custom Properties: Big checkbutton which turns on Custom Properties for all selected objects. Keep in mind that you can massively activate this feature and set properties if you have several objects selected.



Physical Properties

Fragmentation type: Defines framentation type ofr specified object.

Fragmentation properties: Properties for chosen fragmentation type. For more info check out Fragmentation Options.

Elasticity: How easily and high an object bounces when it hits another rigid body. Technically called the "coefficient of restitution" (but 'bounciness' is both shorter and more fun to say). A value of 0.0 indicates no bounce (a lump of peanut butter dropped on carpet); a value of 1.0 indicates that the object will bounce off just about as hard as it hit. The effective bounciness between two rigid bodies is the multiplied product of their bounciness values: a super-bouncy rubber ball landing on squishy peanut butter will not recover. (PhysX reference)

Deactivated Dynamic: Deactivates Dynamic object with purpose to activate it later. Until activation object will be simulated as kinematic, which means it will push everything on its way, but nothing will be able to addect on it. Object should be in Dynamic list.

Deformable Kinematic: Force PhysX to update Kinematik object's shape each frame whic allows to use objects which change thie shapes during simulation, like animated point cached characters. Object should be in Kinematic list.

Dead Sleeping: Turn specified Sleeping objects into Dead object. Object should be in Sleeping list.



Demolition properties

Depth level: Defines how many times each object might be fragmented. 1 means that original object will be fragmented one time and not more. 2 means that original object will be fragmented and EACH created fragment might be fragmented again and so on.

Solidity: Global multiplier for objec's solidity.



Fragmentation properties

Fragmentation type: Defines Fragmentation type for specified object.

Fragmentationproperties: Define properties for picked Fragmentation type



RayFire Fragmenter

Add: Allows You to add RayFire Fragmenter modifier to selected object with picked Fragmentation type. This works only if Fragmentation type is any of Voronoi.

Remove: Removes modifier if you want to try different properties.